Iqama Expiry Check With 3 clicks|Top Best 5 Different Methods

 Iqama Concept In Suadi Arabia.

Before Iqama Expiry Checking Here you have to Know about the Iqama. Basically Paper Document is used for the Different Purposes in Suadi Arabia. Moreover, you can also think that iqama is an Alternative Document of Identity Card. It means its also your Identity card in Saudi Arabia. Means you can not Travel or Move anywhere in Suadi Arabia without this Document. IF you can Visit any place or anywhere in Saudi Arabia its important that you have iqama. Because any time anyone can check your Identity for Security Purposes. Moreover, about this Topic, you can fully Read about Iqama Details and Iqama Fines in this article. And you can also Read about the Iqama Status.

Iqama Expiry Date Details Important.

We All know that iqama is an Important Document in Saudi Arabia. but its also important that you have always Valid Iqama. A Valid Iqama Means that iqama which is not be Expired. Whenever we receive or get our Iqama we also receive a date of this iqama expired. This means we have to Review this Iqama Before its Expired.

Many Of the Worker or Suadi Arabia Private Organization Employees have not info about this method that How they can check iqama Validity Date or Expiry date. But in this Topic, you will learn about the All the Available methods of the Iqama expiry date. One more thing if you carry Expired iqama then you will get highly fine on this Iqama. You can read about this in this article Means Check Iqama Huroob or Fine.

All Available Methods For Iqama Expiry Date.

In Saudi Arabia, Where many of the Worker and Out Country people Works in Private Organization or Farms. They can check Iqama Expiry Through These available Methods which show you in this Selection. Here the Different Available Methods for Checking Iqama Expiry Date,

  • Iqama Expiry Employees Details Checking Through Absher.
  • Expiry Iqama Information Checking without having Absher.
  • Online Website Portals for Checking Iqama Expiry Date.
  • Organization Department for Checking Iqama Expiry Date.

(Method 1) Iqama Expiry Info and Details Checking Through Absher.

Absher or Mol Mobile Platform which is a means to a Cell Phone Application. This is Providing by the Saudi Arabia Offical Government . its Secure and short way to check your Iqama Expiry Date. Here in this Selection, you will read about the Best and Short-way Check Iqama expiry date in 20 Seconds.

Many of the People or Different organizations Employees do not use this method. because this method needs to Profile Registration process. Means you have an Already Account for checking Iqama Expiry Details for this Process. But Not worry here Both Methods is Available Means With Asbher and Without Absher Iqama expiry Details checking. You can choose your Best Method.

Let’s Start The Process to Check Iqama Expiry with Absher Website Portal,

First of All, you have an internet connection or Data Plans for an online browser to checking the Iqama expiry date. because this whole Process works with online data so, All the Available Mobile Phones and Computer Devices allow for this process Except those Phones or Computers which is not Connected with an Internet connection.

  1. Open the Brower and Go to the Absher Website ( )
  2. Now Choose your Language which you can Easy Understand. You can change the Language through Google Translator or Website is given option in on the left side of up on Web Page. In the website given option, you can only choose the English. But Google Translator Features helps you in Different Languages,
  3. Now go to the Login Profile where you have to log in your Details means username and Password. Simple Write down your User name & Password For opening All the Options.
  4. When you Will Selection Login Button after giving the Account details a Code will be auto sends on your Absher Register phone number by this website portal.
  5. Which you have to Write into the next Colum.
  6. Open Your Main Desbord Screen Where all the available Options are Shows. Where you have to Select the Query iqama Expiry Service.


Iqama Expiry Date

Here You can See that How we Entered Details into the Next Box. Means When you will Select the Query Iqama Expiry Service. A New Web-Page will be Open Which is Shows you also into the Helping Image guidelines. now Simple Write Down the Details and view the result of your Iqama.

Now Here’s the Method check iqama Expiry Through Absher Application.

Before which method we Discuss that belongs to Checking through Absher Website Portal. now Here the Method to check Iqama Expiry through Absher Application which is also a simple and easy method.

  • To checking the Absher Method You have to Follow these  Requirements

  1. Internet Connection.
  2. Andriod Cell Phone.
  3. Register Profile on Absher.
  4. Absher Application.
  5. Absher Register Phone Number.

These all the Requirements you have to Fulfill for view details about the Iqama.

Steps for Checking Iqama Expiry in Absher

When You Have Done all the Requirments which is tells you on the Requirements Selection. Then Open the Absher and Follows these steps.

  • Open the Absher Application form you Cell Phone which is Mostly on your Home Screen Desktop.
  • Login your Profile Details, when you will Put the Login Details and click to log in A code, will be Shows on your Cell Phone. which is Security Purposes needed.
  • Now open the Profile or click on your profile where all the other Options will be Shows on your Cell Phone.
  • Now Choose the E-Services Tab or Menue.
  • Here view the Profile where all the details Will is Open.

iqama expiry with absher

here you can directly see that when you will select the Profile Button. All the info about your Profile will be Shows up Where you can check your Iqama Expiry date. But This Date is into the Hijajri Format which you have to Convert into the normal Date year and month.

Hijri Calendar date converter For Iqama Expiry.

Here you can Convert You Hijri Date into the Simple Format. Now give the Details about your iqama Expiry and Check the Date of Your Iqama Expiry.

Check Iqama Expiry Date into English Format.

More Over if you’re Facing any Troubles to Convert the date you can also visit our contact us page. where you can explain your problem and we will help you to Get a better Understand.

(Method 2)Check Iqama Expiry Without Absher If you have not Absher account Then This Method will be Help you.

Some Time if you have not Absher Account then you can also check the Iqama Expiry without Absher and you have not need to open any Application or Register account on that service. Here you have to Simply Give the Some details and then you can view your Iqama expiry Date.

Let’s Start About the Iqama Expiry without Absher account Profile.

Here Simpy You have to Firstly Open the Ministry of Labour website Portal of Suadi Arabia. Which is also the main Portal of Ministry of Labour information providing.

  • Go to This website Portal which is known as the  Ministry of Labour Saudi Arabia (
  • Or you can also go to Direct through Google. Search in Google And Click to the First Appearing website in Google.




Here You can see the How to Search into Google and where you have to Clicks on the Options and How to perform the Steps. All this information you can get from the image guidelines. please Follows these simple steps and then move to next. or you can also Open Directly to the Website portal with giving Link. Here First you have to change the language and then go to the next steps.

  • When You will select the E-Services Portal. You will get a new screen where you have to Follows these steps.




  • Here Firstly Go to the new user Because you have not any account on this website portal. And Here no Need for any account registration process for Iqama Expiry Check.
  • Then Change the Language and Give all the details for the Example Iqama Number Date of Birth and then you have to Give the Security code which shows you into the image and clicks to Next.
  • When you will Select Click to the next the Iqama Whole Details Shows at your Home Screen. Where you can check iqama Expiry.

(Method 3) Check iqama Expiry Through Online Website Portals.

Here Online Services you will Get many Website which is Giving you to access about the Iqama Details Checking. Where you can also get info about the Iqama other Details. but Mostly is the Paid version. Means to say first you have to Register their website plans. Because they are not only giving you the iqama Expiry details they also giving many other details about iqama also. But Here we will Only Dessciss about the iqama Expiry method without any Registration process.

Muqeem is one of the best Service Where you can also Check about the Iqama Expiry Date. Visit the Muqeem website Portal and search about the Iqama Expiry.


(Method 4) Check Iqama Expiry with the HRM Department of any Organization.

It’s also important that all the organizations have data about all the working employees. Because they all manage this type of data for further processing. means if any company has an Employee who has expired iqama its means they are giving the job a person who is not exit in the current state. So, it’s important that all the organizations have also complete info about their Employees.

HRM Department for Iqama Expiry Details.

So, If you want to Know about your Iqama Expiry details, or Your Profile Details means which type of your profile have into the Current Organization then You can directly ask form your organization HRM Department.

Because this department has the main task to manage all the information about employees and also give the best ways to get better Performance in the Current Organization. You can directly Contact your Organization HRM Department through Email. Or Any other Contacting platform. Its also know as the iqama Expiry check without the Absher method.

(Method 5) Iqama Expiry Through Riyad Banking.

You can also update your Iqama expiry Date through Your Online Banking Service. With Riyad Banking Services. Simply You have to Check The Details in the Online Banking System. Where All the info will be Show on your Front of Screen. Here the Complete Method to Check the Iqama Expiry and validity Date through Riyad Banking System.

  • Open the Brower in your Mobile Tab or Computer.
  • And Search in google Riyad Banking.
  • Where you will Get Result about the Riyad Banking.
  • Here you have to Select the First Showing Result about Riyad Personal Banking.
  • Now Here Click to Internet Banking on the left side of the Webpage.
  • When Your Select the Online Banking Here new Drop drown List will be Open there you have to Select the Personal Banking System.
  • Now a New Page will be Open which is about to Riyad Banking Online. Here You have to Put Your Logging Details Means user name and password.
  • Now Write Your User name and ID then Write Password and Click to Login Button,
  • When You Click to Login Button a Massage Will Be you Receive on your Mobile Number. Which is also know as OPT Code. That Code You have to Write Here.
  • Now When You Will Seccuessfully Login to Your Bank Account. You, Will, Get a Fully Login Panel where You have to click on Account Notification Button. It’s on Left Side of the Page.
  • When you will Select this Button a new list will be open on your Front Screen where you have to Choose the Customer Details Link. It’s the First Link on the new Drop Down List.
  • Here You Will See a Customer whole Details Where you can also See Your Iqama Expiry Date also.
  • If your Iqama is expired and you want to Update Iqama then you can also Update iqama on this Page. Simply Edit your Details and click to update Button.
  • A Code Again you Will Receive which you have to Write down here.
  • Simply By this processing method, you can check Your Iqama expiry Date also. And it’s also Method to Check iqama Expiry check without Absher.

Contact info about the Iqama Expiry Related Departments Jawazat

Here the Complete Contacting info about the Departments which is deals with all the details about the Iqama You can contact those Departments and Ask about anything Related to the Topic.

  • Department Name: Ministry of Interior.
  • Location:  Riyadh In Saudia Arabia State.
  • Postal Code Of Current Department: 11431
  • P/o box in case any Documents Sending to the Department: 1261
  • Phone Number in Office Hours. (00966114011944) – (00966114011111) – (00966114058333)
  • Email Address For Emailing any Question or Query:  [email protected]
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Andriod Platform


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